it’s what they do. Unfortunately, dog pee can have some serious consequences for your lawn. Repeated exposure to dog pee can lead to grass dying. If you see large brown spots cropping up where your dog likes to do its business, it is likely that the urine is hurting your grass.

This can be a frustrating occurrence. Obviously, no one wants their dog to pee inside, but they also don’t want to see their dog’s pee killing grass either. Here is how to stop dog urine from killing grass naturally.

Natural Methods to Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass

One of the easiest and most natural ways to keep dog pee from killing your grass is to make sure that your dog is hydrated. Dogs with good hydration have more dilute urine. The more dilute the urine, the less potent the grass-killing capabilities are. Concentrated dog urine kills grass far faster and is a result of a dog not drinking enough. Be sure to keep your dog’s bowl filled with cool, clean water around the clock. Better yet, this method is entirely free.

The only problem is the more hydrated a dog is, the more they are going to have to urinate. Better hydration can sometimes cause dogs to have accidents inside because their routine is going to include more frequent bathroom breaks.

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

The next best thing to keeping your dog hydrated is to keep your lawn hydrated. A vibrant, healthy lawn is much more robust and able to withstand the adverse effects of dog urine over time. Grass that is already dry, unhealthy, or dying will react much more strongly to repeated exposure to dog urine, accelerating the process. A hydrated dog plus a hydrated lawn should take care of the issue naturally.

But not everyone has the time to water their lawn regularly, and while filling a dog bowl doesn’t use that much water, soaking a lawn does. The extra water usage and time required to keep a lawn green and healthy might be more than some can handle.

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